Georgia Spiropoulos

Unstable Cities (2021)
multimedia installation (or movie) | video animation

Video Animation: bestbefore (Andreas Karaoulanis)

“Unstable Cities” is an audio-visual video animation created from 29 hand-drawn gouache, pastel, ink and pencil paintings as well as photographs of graffiti and buildings from different cities in Europe and in the US.
The work is a big fresco of an imaginary empty city populated by colorful spectral silhouettes in its walls. It has its roots in urban collective traumas such as Paris terrorist attacks and Athens crisis but also in street culture and graffiti art. It reflects the Metropolis instability (social, financial, territorial, environmental) linked to poorly conceived systems or even strategies resulting into accidents, errors, disorder or chaos.
The music composition has been based on generated or recorded sound material from prepared piano, computer voices, hip-hop samples and urban field recordings (emergency signals, city sounds, street voices). This material has been elaborated in order to create ambiguous sonic identities, fragmentations, micro-collages, accumulations, rhythmic patterns, primitive “accidents” and analog/digital errors.
“Unstable Cities” is articulated in 9 episodes of 1’45” to 3’30” each. It can be presented as one-channel or three-channel projection where the video episodes alternate on 3 different surfaces in apredetermined or random order.
The work is partly based on Georgia Spiropoulos’ “EROR - The Pianist” (2019), a multimedia instrumental opera commissioned & produced by Onassis Foundation, coproduced with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou.

11th KSIFF-2022 Kolkata
  Honorable Jury Mention (Animation)
  11th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-2022 Kolkata, India

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Unstable Cities


Director, Music, Concept, Story & Storyboard
Georgia Spiropoulos

Video Animation
bestbefore (Andreas Karaoulanis)

Woozy (Vangelis Hoursoglou)

Photographies by
Georgia Spiropoulos
and bestbefore, Michaïl Spiropoulos, Evi Karahli

Story & Storyboard
Georgia Spiropoulos

Art Direction
Georgia Spiropoulos

Assistant Director
Sylvie Martin-Hyszka


Ambiance Sounds
Georgia Spiropoulos

Georgia Spiropoulos

“UNSTABLE CITIES” is partly based on the multimedia instrumental opera “EROR - The Pianist” by Georgia Spiropoulos (2019)
commissioned & produced by Onassis STEGI and coproduced by IRCAM - Centre Pompidou
Support: Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

Further Contributors with respect to “EROR - The Pianist” parts:

Computer Music Design IRCAM
Benjamin Lévy

Sound Engineer IRCAM
Sylvain Cadars

Recording & Mixing Studios

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